Optimizing the Power of Salesforce.com

Once upon a time, small companies like yours could not make the investment in enterprise software that could link all departments for more effective customer relationship management. The capital outlay alone exceeded reasonable budgets and many small businesses were left with hodge-podge systems that required significant manual attention in order to streamline processes in such a way that they could compete more effectively against larger companies. This was, of course, before the introduction of Salesforce.com.

As a true pioneer in the cloud computing space, Salesforce.com paved the way for companies like yours to integrate enterprise-level solutions at SMB (small- to medium-sized businesses) costs. It was no longer necessary for you to invest in significant hardware or software to streamline your critical data to automate the sales process. With the implementation of the Salesforce.com platform, you had easy access to all the tools you needed, only as you needed them.

It is the power of its platform that has enabled Salesforce.com to land as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. The company and its CRM solution has also been recognized by Forrester for its mid-sized organizations solutions, received four CRM Market Awards from CRM Magazine, and has claimed the awards: Enterprise Suite CRM, Midmarket Suite CRM and Small Business CRM.

Gartner refers to Salesforce.com as demonstrating a vision that redefines the market on how technology empowers top sales executives to drive his or her sales team toward broad business objectives. Salesforce.com has the ability to help executives to achieve these goals by delivering products, services and demonstrated business results. The company already enjoys significant deployments in Asia Pacific, EMEA and North America.

A comprehensive suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications offers the power behind Salesforce.com. The company partners with developers, customers and partners to provide solutions through Force.com that meets the need for on-demand capabilities. The Salesforce.com AppExchange marketplace allows for the sharing, exchanging and installing of on-demand applications as needed by your business.

As Salesforce.com has led the way in cloud computing CRM and on-demand solutions, it provides the perfect landscape for you to find the solutions you need to streamline processes within your company without sacrificing time, money or other resources you cannot afford. Salesforce.com was actually built on the premise that you should not have to make significant software or hardware investments to gain the capabilities you need.

To optimize the power of Salesforce.com, first examine the need within your sales department. Do you have difficulty in capturing information on customers that can be used at a later date to suggest products or solutions? Are your sales professionals able to capture all call information into the database in one window? Can you easily track all customer activity through one portal so that you can deliver the optimal level of customer care?

When you integrate Salesforce.com into your environment, you gain these capabilities and more, without having to purchase and install thousands of dollars worth of software or hardware. Salesforce.com allows you to integrate the features of the system you need to streamline your sales approach and produce results. It really is that easy and with such a small risk on your part, you can’t afford to not give it a try.