Leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Customer Loyalty and Strong Revenue Streams

One of the goals in your search for a strong customer relationship management (CRM) solution should be its ability to help you to drive customer loyalty and strong revenue streams. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best performing products in the vast expanse of the Microsoft portfolio. A key strong point for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and why you should consider it as a potential solution within your environment – is the fact that the solution already has unified communications (UC) traits and collaborative SharePoint portal capabilities built-in to the system.

This combination of key CRM capabilities is a true value proposition in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This has been proven in the product’s widespread implementation. More than 300,000 worldwide customers and over 10,000 business partners are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM within their environments to drive measurable results. While it is true the company suffered a 7 percent decline in the sale of this platform during the recession-challenged year of 2009, the company is back on track for another growth spurt.

There are a number of reasons why this platform will take off throughout the recovery. Companies are now realigning their budgets to match current market trends, ensuring not to inflate them to the unrealistic numbers of just a few years ago. As a result, they are now ready to make solid investments in CRM solutions that will protect the customer base and help to drive strong and sustainable growth. If this is one of your main goals, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is definitely a platform to examine thoroughly.

A total customer relationship management suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service models that allow you to streamline your internal efforts and make every customer contact more productive. The solution is easy to deploy and very easy to learn as the interface and operation is very similar to other Microsoft platforms. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers flexible customization, easily integrates with other systems and most importantly, it is affordable no matter what your business size or budget.

You will most certainly appreciate the ability to use the functional Microsoft Dynamics CRM product natively within your Microsoft Office Outlook application. The Microsoft Office Communications Server offers embedded presence capabilities so that Microsoft Dynamics CRM users instantly know the status of their colleagues and can initiate conversations or bring them in on sales calls when their expertise is needed to close the deal.

The capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM analysis are built on the Microsoft SQL Server Analytics Services foundation, providing a full array of Business Intelligence, reporting and data visualization technologies. The solution is also connected to the SharePoint Server seamlessly to allow users to benefit from collaboration, document management systems, and enterprise search capabilities – all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The capabilities extended through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform are extensive and are only limited to your own environment. You do have the flexibility to use only those tools that you believe apply to your needs, but you may want to get outside of the box and see how you can promote even better performance by leveraging capabilities you had never thought of in the past. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM in place, you will be able to achieve the customer loyalty you need to produce strong and sustainable revenue streams.