Sales Force Automation Software on Helps 20/20 Companies Build Custom Applications

One of the best ways for you to decide on the right sales force automation software for your environment is to examine real-world applications where a particular platform is performing according to expectations. While it is essential that you compare your company with others with like environments; you can also consider success stories where sales force automation software is meetings needs that are similar to yours. has a number of key successes in the area of sales force automation software and its performance with 20/20 Companies demonstrates the power of its reach.

The Sales Force Automation Software Challenge

20/20 Companies was facing a challenge. The company, a provider of outsourced sales teams serving the telecommunications, energy and cable industries, was seeking a business solution to enable proper management of rapidly growing door-to-door and retail operations. 20/20 Companies had been relying on a .NET-based order entry system supported by Microsoft Excel, but the platform was not robust enough to keep up with the company’s pace. At the same time, the solution was cumbersome to use when creating applications to fit the company’s business processes. The organization needed a customizable sales force automation software platform that was reasonably priced and presented low risk.

The Sales Force Automation Software Selection

After considering a number of different options, 20/20 Companies turned to and the cloud platform for its sales force automation software. This platform offered easy customization, extensive selection of pre-built applications and a proven track record in the industry. With access to the power of, 20/20 Companies could easily build out the customized solutions it needed to drive internal operations, report on status and forecast for performance. This sales force automation software was quickly deployed, with integration with Microsoft Dynamics for financials and ADP to satisfy payroll requirements. 20/20 Companies now also enjoys apps on that provide quick access to real-time information on sales rep performance, products, orders, events, bonus payouts and more. Managers can access the information captured in the sales force automation software through smartphone devices to track information in real-time.

The Benefits of Sales Force Automation Software

In addition to the advancements in sales performance 20/20 Companies enjoys with this sales force automation software deployment, the company also leverages advanced reporting and analytics. Access to an ideas community allows managers to solicit ideas and feedback from team members, and this sales force automation software provider also delivers training and certification programs to reduce the learning curve. 20/20 Companies also enjoys how easily the sales force automation software is updated and supported.

Sales Force Automation Software – The Results

In the 20/20 Companies implementation, custom applications could be built four times faster and at a quarter of the cost of using .NET. The sales force automation software application has proven it can be easily scaled, and the cloud-computing approach eliminates infrastructure and software costs. The organization has saved time, reduced errors, improved access to information, improved planning and decision making to become more efficient.

You know what you need out of a sales force automation software application – really can make it happen.