CRM Packages Come in All Sizes, Including Microsoft Dynamics

As a platform that dominates the office environment, Microsoft is in a strong position to grab a significant share of the CRM market. As you evaluate CRM packages that may be right for your company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Microsoft Outlook users to extend the value of their messaging and collaboration platform. Microsoft Outlook users can implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage customer information, lead data, marketing pitches and information on sales calls through an interface they already heavily use. If you’re looking for CRM packages that use an interface similar to Microsoft Office products, then Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the solution for you.

CRM Packages Address Workflow with Automation

One of the challenges in any small business when it comes to CRM deployment and application is the workflow. Your sales and management professionals have specific expectations for how their CRM packages should operate to deliver value. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an adaptive workflow engine so any small business leveraging the platform can set business process rules that fit with expectations and working methods already in place. At the same time, Microsoft’s CRM packages drive automation, enabling sales professionals to focus on actually driving sales. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are automated and customer issues can be kept at bay with proactive processes in CRM packages to prevent common errors. Customers and partners can receive timely and important messages to ensure follow-up is consistent and that customer requests or orders are not overlooked.

CRM Packages Drive Value in Customization

Customization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM packages allows your management team to design the forms, relationship links and even customer views according to the needs of the business. No complicated programming is involved to deliver customization or ensure the right information gets to the right people. This information is readily delivered through Outlook or the Web browser, according to program rules established by the administrator. You can also ensure your sales team can specifically target campaigns according to the customer base and qualified leads as captured in your CRM packages. Automation helps this process and follow-up tasks are easily scheduled for execution.

CRM Packages Help Track Customer Interactions

Tracking all customer interactions is another key focus for sales professionals as they want to guarantee accountability for all customer support. At the same time, you want to leverage CRM packages to ensure they are meeting your expectations. As great service is dependent upon meeting customer expectations in terms of support, Microsoft Dynamics provides an all-in-one view of all customer requests and provided support. In addition, the use of the .NET Framework, information filtering for those working offline, and SQL server reporting services to drive robust analytics ensures the CRM packages offered by Microsoft can integrate well with your technology outline. At the same time, full integration within your current business processes helps to drive both user adoption and measureable benefits as a result of the optimal use of CRM packages.

Ultimately, there are a number of CRM packages on the market that can work well for your company and your environment, whether you are a Microsoft user or not. And, while brand does suggest a level of value, you should also compare CRM software in real-world settings to ensure the selection you make will perform in your environment.