CRM on our Favorite New Obsession, the iPad

Everyone wants a piece of the iPad CRM pie and Alauras Software is no exception. Alauras has just unveiled the latest version of its iPad CRM software: Yellow Page CRM+. This move is meant to boost sales force automation capabilities and Alauras will be adding full online compatibility with the iPad. Althought Yellow Page CRM+ was initially focused on specific solutions for Yellow Page publishers, it now supports a variety of other print and online media.

On their seventh attempt (aka Version 7.0), the iPad Yellow Page CRM+ offers improved reporting and eContract automation, new customer service functionality and support for the iPad. Regular Version 7.0 will not see any price increase but its iPad CRM counterpart will be offered at a slight premium.

Why did they decide to move onto iPad pastures? Imagine the silent groan of prospects when they view yet another presentation on a clunky laptop. The iPad not only gives a wow factor but also allows the user to make use of the touch screen device to complete presentations, monitor customer service requests and execute contracts. Video presentations for clients can be managed and signatures can be done on the touch screen by using your fingertip or a Mac-based stylus with this convenient iPad CRM solution.

At the moment, there are two publishers participating in a closed test of the iPad CRM software. One company was quoted as saying “The Alauras iPad CRM offers the efficiency we need, and is proving it creates a speedy and extremely compelling sales experience.”

Alauras is striving for innovation for the yellow page industry with its leap into iPad CRM. With a flexible cross-platform publishing systems, we’re sure the industry will thank them.

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