Sage CRM & ERP Software Implemented at Reuters Market Light

Yesterday, Sage India announced that Reuters Market Light (RML) deployed a Sage CRM and a Sage ERP solution to automate business processes. RML, a commodity pricing information provider in India, needed help with voucher management, complaint management, customer interaction and financial operations. Sage Software, a business management software provider, was able to help RML successfully implement a 100 user pack of Sage CRM and a 5 user pack of Sage Accpac ERP.

Before Sage’s software, RML was using a discrete system that was neither efficient nor easy to use. Now, with Sage, vouchers are quickly generated and dispatched to distributors. Customer information is automatically reflected in the customer relationship management (CRM) system. RML employees can see all relevant customer information, such as escalation history, calls received, interactions and support cases. This enhances customer satisfaction because the RML employees are more knowledgeable about the customers and their needs.

The Sage CRM system is also instantly synchronized with the profile management system, which then automatically activates an SMS service on the customers’ mobile phones. There is also a case management feature in Sage CRM. This tracks all complaints and issues to ensure that each one is assigned, managed and closed.

RML’s Vice President of Operations, Ranjeet Pawar, commented on RML’s decision to implement Sage’s CRM and ERP software. He said, “Today over 200,000 farmers rely on our service to get information which is critical to the way they work therefore it was important for us to automate critical processes which could ensure the information reaches the farmer at the right time and grievances are seamlessly addressed. We were looking for an integrated solution which could give us a single platform for serve our customers.”

Sage India is also excited to be working with RML. The Managing Director at Sage India, Thomas Abraham, said, “We are pleased to partner with Reuters Market Light in their initiative to empower Indian farmers using state of the art technology to provide timely information that enhances overall farmer productivity.”

RML’s business processes were automated and became a lot easier with the Sage CRM and ERP software. Now, RML will be able to grow and increase customer satisfaction.

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