Acquires Jigsaw bought Jigsaw in a $142 million acquisition. Jigsaw, a business data provider, helps users store contact information, target audiences and generate leads. The cloud CRM enterprise bought Jigsaw in an effort to facilitate building contact lists in Salesforce databases.

Salesforce has optimized the process of tracking and communicating with customers, but the process of searching for, adding and organizing contacts  still needed a bit of work. The acquisition of Jigsaw was a strategic move on Salesforce’s part to improve CRM and all other aspects of the sales process.

Jigsaw’s database is searchable based on companies and key employees, which is extremely valuable information for Salesforce users. Unlike Salesforce, Jigsaw aggregates information using crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing is a method of data collection where individuals participate in creating and adding content.  Using crowd-sourcing, Jigsaw is able to boast a database with contact information on more than 21 million professionals. The acquisition will help Salesforce users simplify the process of finding, purchasing, managing and integrating information into their Salesforce files. The acquisition should also provide opportunities for vendors to build new application based on the business information aggregated by Jigsaw.

The acquisition will combine the power of Salesforce’s suite of CRM platforms and Jigsaw’s cloud-based model for automating the collection of data. Jigsaw tools are already integrated with Salesforce, however, the acquisition will help Salesfoce clean and update contact information as well.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff explains a few benefits of the acquisition: “With Jigsaw, we’ll make it as easy as Wikipedia to source data, as easy as iTunes to buy data, and as easy as Facebook to stay updated as the data changes.”

Salesforce is changing the CRM game. With Jigsaw, the cloud CRM enterprise is making the entire sales process faster, easier and better.

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