Healthcare CRM for the iPad

Things seem to be moving fast in the iPad world. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, the iPad is the newest new frontier for CRM software.

Mobile Intelligence, Cegedim Dendrite’s flagship customer relationship management (CRM) product, is now available for iPad and iPhone users. Cegedim Dendrite is a French pharmaceutical CRM vendor that offers tools to optimize efficiency and productivity. Cegedim Dendrite has access to 200,000 healthcare users and provides data optimization and CRM solutions in more than 80 countries.

The goal of Mobile Intelligence is to increase the CRM productivity for sales teams that travel across multiple locations. By making CRM mobile, sales teams can access real time data, update customer information and remain continuously connected with all team members.

Mobile Intelligence on the iPad and iPhone will maximize interactions with stakeholders as well, by leveraging real time customer information. CEO of Cegedim Dendrite Laurent Labrune explains that: “The convenience of carrying a super lightweight device, while having off-line or on-line access to the robust functionality of Mobile Intelligence, enables our customers to do what they do best – build relationships with their stakeholders.”

Not even a month after the iPad’s release, iPad CRM applications are already in the works. It’s truly amazing how quickly technology is advancing. Mobile Intelligence is available for iPad and iPhone devices as a multi-tenant SaaS delivery or priced as a perpetual license.

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