Pharma CRM for the iPad and iPhone

It is no secret that CRM solutions are making a splash in the mobile industry. Business solutions are rapidly populating the iPad and iPhone application store. Following suit, Medi-Soft is launching their Pharma CRM solution for the iPad and iPhone. iPad CRM and iPhone CRM have been hot trends in recent software news, so it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the (Apple) pie.

Medi-Soft is a pharmaceutical CRM solutions provider. Medi-Soft’s flagship product is Pharma CRM.  Pharma CRM for the iPad and iPhone is designed with advanced features to increase the sales force effectiveness in pharma organizations.

The benefits of iPad CRM and iPhone CRM are quite simple; anywhere, anytime CRM solution access. Sales reps can interact with customers offline with their respective mobile devices. Pharma CRM on the iPad and iPhone will help companies optimize their customer support processes and yield higher customer satisfaction points.

“It’s so simple,” commented Damir Safaric, Medi-Soft’s CEO, said about the iPhone and iPad CRM applications, “It is called Sales Vision iTouch, the best way for Pharma CRM to revolutionize the pharma processes and increase the sales rep efficiency.”

Pharma CRM’s iPad and iPhone applications are easy to use and have intuitive user interfaces with all the functionality of the original Sales Vision with added mobility and access to the database online and offline. Pharma CRM also gives users the ability to move actions to the PC version through touch screen navigation. The Sales Vision iTouch gives users parallel use of platforms so that information is always up-to-date in the office or on-the-go.

“There are many reasons why Sales Vision CRM goes goes to the iPhone. Sales Vision and iPhone are similar because they both have remained true to their roots. Both operate in niches and seek to satisfy customers. Sales Vision looks better than ever on the iPhone. Also if you look back ten years ago, the main add value and motivation factor for a sales rep was to gain a laptop. Times have changed and the add value is to have the best Smartphone,” said Safaric.

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  1. CRM Canada says:

    I agree that “CRM solutions are making a splash in the mobile industry” and has done so for a while as soon as there was a ‘Palm’ product. The big difference here is the real time access to the CRM with certain smartphones instead of having to go back to the office to synch to the corporate database. I think we could say also that it was a push from the mobile community to get their corporate CRM application on their devices.

  2. Ansh says:

    A sales solution we are currently using as an extension to our PRM (p-partner) has provided amazing ROI. I am talking about India, i.e. 3G services are not available and even 2.5G is available at limited locations. Interesting technology developed by this vendor has a PRM application sitting on a low cost handset. The technology ensures that where 2.5G services are available, synchronization happens over that, if unavailable, SMS is used for synchronizatsion. Synchronization is always real-time. Talk about innovation and how to make best use of resources.

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