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As though the allure of no price weren’t enough, free CRM software through the Google Apps marketplace has risen in popularity. By integrating with your Gmail, these free CRM tools make it easy for small businesses and business owners to manage their contacts, emails, and sales and support activities. Free CRM software is nothing like those bootsy systems of the past. Today’s free CRM solutions are backed with stronger security features and more powerful capabilities. Check out what I’ve rated as the top 5 free CRM Solutions.

1. Insightly

Insightly is one of the more robust free CRM tools available through the Google Apps marketplace. This web-based CRM solution takes CRM and combines it with Project Management functionality to offer small businesses a single solution for their needs. Insightly’s free CRM for Google Apps lets you easily track projects, opportunities, leads and more through an easy to use and simple to understand interface. Insightly’s free CRM service lets you add up to 3 users, 200 MB of storage, and 2,500 contacts.

Features include:

  • Shared Contact List
  • Lead tracking
  • Opportunity management
  • Access via Google Universe Navigation
  • Complete History of Customer Interaction
  • File Sharing with revision control.
  • Real-time search for everything
  • Email Drop box integration
  • Project tracking with milestones and tasks
  • Single Sign-on Through Google Apps account
  • SSL Security

2. Tactile CRM

Tactile CRM’s free CRM tool for Google Apps is another strong performer in the market. Tactile’s free CRM software is available for a single user with up 250 contacts and 10MB of file storage. The free online CRM software is ideal for managing your sales pipeline, activities, contacts, notes, emails, and all other information connected with your contacts.

Features include:

  • Opportunity Management
  • Real time reporting of sales pipeline and funnel
  • Opportunity tracking through sales stages
  • Won/Loss History Recording
  • Activity management and notifications
  • Online Address Book
  • Tagging
  • File Management on Amazon’s secure S3 storage

3. Applane CRM

Applane is another of the top free CRM solutions available on the Google Apps Marketplace. Applane web based CRM software provides users with a tool to help throughout the entire sales cycle, and helps organizations analyze sales and marketing performance based on key CRM metrics that are displayed in the dashboards and reports. Applane CRM is free for up to 2 users and includes unlimited storage capacity.

Features Include:

  • Sales Life Cycle Management
  • Web to lead Capture
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Role Support
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quotes
  • Efficient views to follow up leads
  • Multi Currency support
  • Cross selling and up selling features
  • Automatic tagging and ranking
  • Interactive Reports and Dashboards
  • Data import in both .xls and .csv


4. Capsule CRM

Capsule free CRM is available for up to 2 users with up to 250 contacts and 10MB of storage.  Capsule’s free CRM enables you to maintain a single contact list while allowing you to track your sales pipeline and activities. Capsule CRM’s provides easy login through the Google Universal Navigation, and it’s tight integration with Google enables you to easily view comprehensive contact details, right from your Gmail account.

Features Include:

  • Contact Management
  • Contact tagging
  • Notes for contacts, meetings, and activities
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Summary dashboard reports
  • Opportunity history tracking and document management
  • To-do list and Shared Calendar
  • List Management
  • SSL Security
  • Customizable Fields

5. TimetoNote

TimetoNote offers a free CRM that allows you to have up to 2 users with 5MB of storage, up to 10 projects, and up to 250 contacts. TimetoNote offers standard security features, but for more advanced SSL security you need to pay for the premium version. This system is ideal for a single salesperson working in a B2C environment, and offers strong task management as one of its core features. TimetoNote falls short of a complete hosted CRM solution, but works strongly if you’re looking for a contact management solution.

Features Include:

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Shared Data
  • Shared Contacts
  • Communication History
  • Task Management
  • Project Management
  • File Management and Linking
  • Import and Export of Contacts lists

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  1. Nicole says:

    In addition to FreeCRM, another site that offers a Gmail sync and offers a quality free CRM system is In addition to CRM it also offers other great free business services like teleconferencing and it’s also tied in with a business network.

  2. MyCCMpro ( is a FREE Contact and Client Management program that was designed by the most advanced and experienced developers of Credit Report Atlas Services LLC. Our system is simply the most productive sales force software for inside sales teams and sales by phone. Our application handles millions of leads for our small and Fortune-100 customers.

  3. Kathy says:

    Just downloaded a free CRM called HoudiniESQ. You can install it on a laptop or install it on a dedicated server. It provides secure web access regardless of where you install it. You can even sign up for a SaaS version.

    It is primarily used by law firms but that is a major benefit since case management systems used by law firms are really just a Project Management System and a CRM on steroids.

    This product has probably the best UI I have ever seen in a web based product. Yes I did say web based, no joke this is like no other CRM. The user experience is top shelf.

    Why do most CRMs look like they are stuck in the early 90s. No innovation. The same old stuff repackaged by every wannabe I think this is different. I can tightly integrate all my information in one place including documents, to-dos, notes, contacts, projects, e-discovery, email, full text search everything plus attachments, and tons more, this product is robust.

    Worth a look. Installs in less than 5 minutes. Runs on OSX, Windows and Linux.

    Oh, and its FREE.

  4. nettracker says:


    I just try the freecrm thing. I did not see any gmail integration. However, there are some mail server connectors not integrations.

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