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About ClaritySoft

ClaritySoft CRM was designed to be a better solution for customer relationship management. ClaritySoft is a CRM provider that designed a leaner version of sophisticated enterprise software that got rid of all of the unnecessary features to provide real value to users.

The intuitive CRM software fills the void for users needing a solution with more power than a basic contact management solution, but less extravagant than mid-market solutions. With an easy-to-use interface, ClaritySoft enables sales people to quickly adopt the software into their sales activities to see immediate value in sales performance. Despite the sheer number of available CRM providers, ClaritySoft is able to stand out from the pack by providing a cost effective, quick to implement, and functional and easy-to-use solution.


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ClaritySoft CRM Solutions

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ClaritySoft Technology Model

  • Cloud CRM
  • On-Premise

ClaritySoft CRM Highlights

ClaritySoft provides CRM software that contains all of the capabilities common in enterprise CRM’s, but trims the fat by removing the low value features. This enables end users to easily install, customize, and use the CRM software. Key features include:

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management and Forecasting
  • Quotations and Price Books
  • Task and Activity Management
  • Shared Calendar
  • Email Marketing
  • Email and Letter Templates
  • Data Segmentation
  • Customization
  • User Profile Management

Benefits of ClaritySoft CRM

  • ClaritySoft CRM automates many contact manegment tasks with list actions. List actions let users perform several functions with just a few mouse clicks, including: targeted email campaigns, mail merges, label printing, group edit and export.
  • Claritysoft provides powerful data segmentation features that allow users to capture data using unique characteristics for prospects and customers, to make targeted email campaigns run more effectively.
  • Utilizing powerful search features, ClaritySoft CRM makes it easy to find relevant contact or group records and information, saving companies time and improving employee productivity.
  • With custom fields and tabs, ClaritySoft can easily be tailored for specific businesses and industries, allowing organizations to function more efficiently.

Happy Customers

Muirfield Energy, EGSI Financial, Precision Medical, CareerMax, XLN Systems, Wetzel Insurance, Digital Reliance

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