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Established in 1993, ADAPT Software Applications, Inc. has provided CRM software to over 1200 businesses around the globe. With a focus on providing cutting edge technology, sophisticated functionality, and a best-in-class implementation methodology, ADAPTcrm has been one of the most popular complete end-to-end Customer Relationship Management solutions.

ADAPTcrm is the company’s flagship product, and was created completely in-house to provide the best solution possible. ADAPTcrm features capabilities to track and manage all customer and vendor communications, and easily integrates with other back office solutions to facilitate collaboration across the entire business.

ADAPT CRM Solutions

  • ADAPTcrm

ADAPT CRM Technology Model

  • On-Premise

ADAPTcrm Highlights

Built on the secure Microsoft SQL Server, ADAPTcrm allows organizations to streamline their sales processes to focus their efforts on their customers with minimal time and effort.

Core Features of ADAPTcrm include:

Marketing Campaign Management

  • ADPATcrm features a campaign manager tool that helps users track, manage, and execute targeted campaigns. While at the same time, ensuring that marketing efforts are on budget and new sales opportunities are quickly taken advantage of.

Advanced Sales Automation

  • ADAPTcrm leverages strong opportunity management features to streamline the sales process, and manage leads from start to close. Features include: linking of opportunity records to specific accounts, unlimited user-defined fields and forms for each opportunity, opportunity notes and history, appointments and tasks related to specific sales opportunities, graphical sales pipeline reports, milestones, trend analysis, and extensive reporting capabilities including win/loss analyses.

Customer Service

  • Includes service ticket manager function that maintains customer satisfaction through advanced service contracts, ticket/incident reports and tracking, defect tracking, and warranty programs and renewals.

Real-Time Accounting Integration

  • ADAPTcrm seamlessly integrates with accounting and ERP software to provide real-time “Back Office” data, rather than records that were copied at an earlier time and not current.

Benefits of ADAPTcrm

  • Seamless integration to “Back-Office” software enables users to track estimated budgets and expenses for each marketing campaign and event.
  • Real-Time reporting capabilities provide insight into marketing campaigns with account analysis, sales pipeline analysis, and profitability analysis to drive good decision making and campaign effectiveness.
  • ADAPTcrm automatically creates a pipeline to track the value of all open opportunities, enabling salespeople to make the most of prospects.
  • Using the sales opportunity manager, businesses can ensure consistent sales processes through step-by-step milestone checklists.
  • Organizations can enhance their sales efforts with ADAPTcrm’s strong analysis features, such as: analyzing opportunities from start to close, territory, type, date, milestone, and a number of other criteria.

Happy Customers

Raytheon, Magic Software, Anchin Block & Anchin, SYSPRO Software, Dentek, Taylor Guitars, Yeti Cycles, Dunlop Manufacturing, Benchmade Knife Co., and more.

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