Granicus Streamlined Business Processes with 20 New Apps Built in Only 20 Weeks on

Last week, announced that one of its customer relationship management (CRM) and customers, Granicus, built 20 custom CRM applications in 20 weeks on,’s enterprise cloud computing platform. Granicus is an award-winning cloud computing provider that needed to manage its growth with these applications. Granicus built and delivered these apps five times faster because of’s advanced capabilities as opposed to traditional platforms.

Granicus has grown rapidly in the past three years. The cloud computing provider needed a way to streamline its business processes, including sales, finance, human resources, marketing, project management, technical support and deployment departments. Granicus was able to build and deploy applications to manage this growth and control its business processes by using Salesforce’s platform. Efficiency and productivity dramatically increased within Granicus’ departments because of these applications, allowing the company to expand and achieve its goals.

Some of the customized applications that Granicus built on include a human resources app, which makes hiring and recruiting processes faster and easier. Granicus also built a regionalized accounts application, which allows the company to assign accounts and run reports. Another custom app is the sales proposals app, which creates proposals and determines client product configurations. The sales proposals app was built in only one week.

Granicus executives are very pleased with Salesforce’s platform and the new CRM applications. The program and API manager at Granicus, Jay Killian, commented. She said, β€œThe secret to making your company successful on is to find a specific business problem to solve. It’s easier than you think to get started with a proof of concept app and then get it rolled out. To manage our fast growth, we built 20 custom apps in 20 weeks and now have our entire company on”

The cloud custom application deployment was a success. Now, Granicus can build a sales proposal in 10 minutes instead of 2 hours. Project deployments were streamlined through a web-based tracking tool. Also, workflow was automated and Granicus now has the ability to quickly and easily develop applications without taxing resources.

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