Microsoft Dynamics CRM Named Leading CRM Solution by Forrester

At the end of last month, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was named one of the strongest leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions by Forrester Research, a technology and market research advising company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is particularly suitable for midsized and large companies, according to Forrester.

Forrester Research compared Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 18 other CRM solutions. They assessed the CRM solutions based on their market share, future development strategy, current product, and 513 other criteria. Between what Microsoft has now and what Forrester determined their potential is, Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM solution came out on top.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that enables companies to track sales, create price lists, get leads, and track competitors, which ultimately allows companies to increase productivity while driving sales. Dynamics CRM simplifies business processes because all of the necessary applications are in one central software package enabling employees to easily access the information that they need.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was compared to a number of other major CRM companies, including, Oracle, CDC Software, and SAP CRM. According to the Forrester Wave for Midsized Businesses, pictured below, Microsoft has a stronger strategy despite having less to offer than Oracle and CDC.

In the Forrester Wave for Large Organizations, pictured below, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is still one of the strongest CRM solutions. It rivals Salesforce and SAP CRM, but still holds its leading position.

Businesses can read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Microsoft’s website, where they can also request a free demo.

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