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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Named Leading CRM Solution by Forrester

At the end of last month, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was named one of the strongest leading customer relationship management (CRM) solutions by Forrester Research, a technology and market research advising company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is particularly suitable for midsized and large companies, according to Forrester. Forrester Research compared Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 18 other CRM […]

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Forrester Outlines 5 Trends in Application Development

It isn’t just individuals that make New Year’s resolutions—companies make them as well. Forrester Research recently released a report about CRM applications, as a guide to companies looking to tighten up application development without breaking the bank this year. This week, Lauren McKay at CRM Magazine took to the publication’s website and outlined five routes […]

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Yet Another Research on CRM

A new report, this time from Forrester Research, has found that companies that companies that have implemented CRM need to do a rethink on their strategy processes if they are to realize more benefits from the solution implemented. Factors necessitating a change in strategy include the growth of SaaS and a consolidation of vendors. Basically, […]

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