Users Share Advantages of Zoho CRM

Zoho recently announced the latest round of success stories shared by users of their Zoho CRM, the company’s affordable and on-demand CRM software.

Many Zoho customers highlighted key advantages of the Zoho CRM, such as cost savings, ease of use, and security features for distributed workforces. The new app can be downloaded through Google Apps Marketplace.

Zoho CRM customers are speaking out and one customer said he used Salesforce before moving to Zoho CRM and found Salesforce to be outrageously expensive for what it provided.

One Zoho evangelist named Raju Vegesna, said users depend on them to give them the tools needed to build, maintain and strengthen customer relationships. He added the feedback they are getting from customers is that they are exceeding their needs.

Customers of Zoho, such as ALTUS Wealth Solutions, Anderson Sales Advantage, JetHub and others say the CRM is meeting, and often exceeding needs, in areas of affordability, functionality and ease of use.

One former customer of Salesforce says he is saving over $1,000 per year since he switched to Zoho and is pleased he can work from his home office, from his office in downtown California, as well as on the road via the Zoho CRM for Blackberry app.

Zoho CRM provides an overall ease of use that most people with no CRM experience are finding very easy to set up and use.

For Teddy Anderson, of Anderson Sales Advantage, one of the highlights of Zoho CRM, is the ability to customize the system and make it easy to fine tune the service to meet the unique demands of each client.

The Zoho software also provides distributed workforce security. JetHub used Zoho CRM to securely manage their customer information. President of JetHub, Kevin Lippert, says Zoho is a completely virtual company.


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