NetSuite SuiteWorld 2011 pushes for Social CRM

NetSuite SuiteWorld had numerous breakout sessions promoting different aspects of the NetSuite product line. Various tracks enabled participants to choose which sessions were most relevant to them, among them was a track for the “Front Office”.

For people unfamiliar with the term “Front Office”, it refers to any parts of an organization that come into contact with customers or clients. And the primary software that is used to manage the front office is Customer Relationship Management or CRM. Probably the most popular session that I was able to attend was the “Emerging Social CRM Trends”, lead by Paul Greenberg, Denis Pombriant, and Brian Solis. The session began with one simple question.

“How do we use social media to get closer to our customers?”

A question that is often forgotten by businesses as they pursue their social media strategies, and focus more on the number of followers they can acquire on Twitter, rather than the value that they can add for their customers through social media.

Paul Greenberg’s example of was probably the best example of an organization successfully using social CRM (sCRM) to effectively build social communities and boost revenue. He cited Karmaloop’s use of a “Street Team” as a way the company leveraged its customers to create marketing materials and generate sales, and in return rewarding them with store discounts, cash, and store credit.

With the popularity of social media, social CRM has become a necessity for businesses looking to survive in today’s environment. It’s evident that the future of social CRM will need to focus on the “R” of social CRM. Social media is just getting started, and as more people begin to get wired in, establishing and maintaining Relationships with customers will become more critical. NetSuite SuiteWorld put an emphasis on NetSuite’s move to a more social product with recent partnerships with Yammer and more.

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