Cloud CRM Software Reviews: The Power of Zoho

The fun name of Zoho CRM masks the power this online platform can provide to your small business. Zoho has created a powerful free crm for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) sector, providing key applications that were once only afforded the largest of enterprises. As captured in a number of cloud CRM reviews, platforms like Zoho deliver considerable versatility and reliability. And, with Zoho CRM, businesses of any size can leverage enterprise-level integration and performance, without the enterprise-level cost. If you’re ready to examine the cloud CRM reviews and take that dive, Zoho CRM is worth investigating.

Cloud CRM Reviews Examine the One Platform Approach in Zoho CRM

Using Zoho CRM, your sales team can easily manage all customer contact information in one interface to manage all customer interactions, as demonstrated in all cloud CRM reviews. You can capture all valuable customer information on one platform so your contacts and associated activities can be easily managed within each account. Zoho CRM provides a platform to manage basic information; all calls, e-mails, meetings and website interactions; and follow-up activities in one interface. As suggested in cloud CRM reviews, this one-stop application manages several steps of the sales process, keeping important information contained and visible for easy management.

The Importance of Relationships Examined in Cloud CRM Software

Zoho cloud CRM software provides the necessary features for your business to leverage relationships in your sales processes. People still buy from people, regardless of the shortcuts available in the market, and it has become more critical for your sales team to leverage the customer data that they collect through every interaction.  This is necessary to not only deliver consistent and quality service, but to also maintain credibility with the customer. Zoho’s cloud CRM software nables all sales professionals and sales management to leverage client contact information to its full potential. Easy access to this information, along with streamlined integration with client data in other divisions of the company, ensures sales professionals can stay focused on the customer experience as a whole.

Driving a Satisfying Experience with Zoho Cloud CRM Software

It is no longer enough to simply sell the customer what they want – your sales teams have to deliver an exceptional experience as well. You can no longer just skate by  meeting customer expectations. In today’s dynamic environment, start-up companies can quickly establish rapport and if you’re just meeting their expectations, then they may opt out for a cheaper product with the same experience. Zoho cloud CRM software  enables the entire sales department to manage its activities, and to keep a database of notes, customer history and more. This lets you quickly understand your customers needs and wants, and to cross and up-sell, while providing an exceptional experience for them. The cloud CRM software platform delivers a common database that creates one source for client data, including all histories, enabling your sales team to leverage this platform to establish and maintain a hierarchy of contacts so that future interactions with customers can be prioritized.

Zoho Cloud CRM Software Focus’ on Microsoft Integration

Keeping the Microsoft environment in mind, Zoho cloud CRM software easily integrates with Outlook through a Zoho CRM Plug-in. The cloud CRM software offers a quick launch that allows users to easily synchronize contacts, tasks and calendars. Zoho cloud CRM software users can also complete mail merges and create mailing labels with this integration, extending the existing value. When launching Zoho cloud CRM software, you gain access to e-mail marketing capabilities, auto-responders, Web to contact forms, marketing campaigns, reports and dashboards, Google Apps integration, e-mail integration, sales opportunities, Microsoft Outlook and mail merge document synchronization and integration.