BlackBerry CRM Updated by ProTrak

ProTrak International recently announced the release of ProTrak Mobile 2.1, an upgrade to the BlackBerry component for its CRM application.

ProTrak International is a provider of client relationship management solutions to the investment management community. In 2009, they announced full-scale integration with BlackBerry handheld devices for its CRM application.

Slated for release in a few weeks, ProTrak Mobile 2.1 will offer enhanced performance, but will also allow users to customize the information available on their BlackBerry without any programming assistance or customization from ProTrak.

With ProTrak Mobile 2.1, the ProTrak Administrator will simply check the data items that are needed on the users’ BlackBerry and the next time users login to the app, they are able to view, add, or update information for any of the new fields.

The current ProTrak Advantage CRM offers the ability to add new user-defined fields to the various profile screens such as Investor, Consultant, Manager, Contact, or Activity/Follow-up. ProTrak 2.1 makes it even easier to access these apps.

President of ProTrak, Simon Koziel, says the enhanced data functionality brings their mobile smart phone solution even closer to the full functionality of their core CRM platform.

Koziel adds they have specifically designed and developed ProTrak Mobile from the ground up, instead of simply placing a pre-developed BlackBerry package on top of ProTrak, to give its users transparency and ease its use whether in the office or on the road.

ProTrak CRM includes a ‘Send’ and ‘Add’ to the ProTrak option in your Outlook e-mail. ProTrak Mobile also allows users to send and add e-mails to ProTrak whether they are in their BlackBerry Contacts’ Address Book or in the ProTrak Mobile application.

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  1. Leaidan says:

    At last! Someone who unrdetsnads! Thanks for posting!

  2. It will be interesting to see if Blackberry will continue to remain a relevant mobile platform with the emergence and wide adoption of the iPhone and Android. My prediction is that the mobile device management vendors and new HTML5 sites help make RIM Blackberry a business tool of the last decade. I would focus on CRM tools on creating HTML5 pages that are universally accessed across all mobile devices and rendered best on iPhone and Android. Every VP Sales will be using an iPhone or Android device for CRM in five years or less.

  3. Kowaken says:

    The first and foremost thing I was looking for was a tool designed for the sales person, not for management.

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