TimeTrade Offers SmartRouting CRM Technology

The Appointment Router is now available from TimeTrade Systems, Inc. This major enhancement to the TimeTrade Workgroup Edition CRM software relies on configurable sales territory assignment rules to enable prospects to instantly book sales appointments with a company representative directly from the company website or a landing page for a marketing campaign.

Innovative SmartRouting technology, the Appointment Router allows for the creation of a new Inbound Sales model that sales and marketing teams can leverage to get the most value out of their CRM solution. The platform essentially streamlines and accelerates lead generation by replacing the traditional “Contact Us” forms with a reservation process. With this approach to CRM, sales reps no longer have to follow up and chase down leads.

TimeTrade’s new capability also provides marketers with an effective way to ensure they can get marketing campaign respondents into physical sales meetings. E-mail campaigns and landing pages will offer a “Click to Schedule” call-to-action, eliminating a step in the prospecting stage and speeding the time to close the sale.

This CRM solution offers such capabilities as SmartRouting, website integration, marketing automation integration and appointment activity metrics.

Gary Ambrosino, EVP and COO, TimeTrade Systems highlighted that SmartRouting can dramatically improve lead generation effectiveness as highly-qualified confirmed appointments are replacing what can often be an endless process of prospect follow-up with Web request forms and links in outbound e-mail campaigns.

Confirmed appointments through this robust CRM solution are entered into the sales funnel much further down, have a high qualification score, and help to get the prospect to the next step rather quickly. When launched with the right campaign, this approach is sure to drive measurable success.

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