CompanionLink Launches Business-Class CRM App for Android

How successful would you be in the sales field if you could access your CRM system on your Android-based device? CompanionLink Software is about to provide you with the opportunity.

The company has just announced the launch of the DejaOffice, version 1.9. This latest addition to its product line is a CRM contact management application designed specifically for the Android platform.

When leveraging DejaOffice, CRM users can gain access to business-class contacts, calendar, tasks and notes apps for Android. A free update, this latest innovation provides new productivity, usability features and provides a split-pane view that has been optimized for Android-based tablet devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The DejaOffice version 1.9 CRM solution offers an onboard setup wizard to help with the configuration of a sync between the PC and the Android; priority styles for specific tasks; WiFi sync with PC using CompanionLink; easy call and text message buttons; calendar year view; and contact pictures.

The usability improvements in the DejaOffice 1.9 ensure that this CRM solution makes the phone as productive and intelligent as standard PC contact management software that may be used in the physical office.

With the ability to link contacts to calendar appointments, attack alarms and alerts to calendar tasks and events, and manage color-coded categories, this latest in mobile CRM ensures all users can gain access to the tools they need to effectively manage their customer initiatives while on the road.

The Android Market is currently offering the DejaOffice CRM app for no cost.

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  1. I’m glad to be here!
    Android platform CRM seems a great share. The functionality shared in here with application makes me think of it. One functionality I get hook on with is PC sync which helps to update both.

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