PCS Technology Selects Sage CRM Solutions

Recently, PCS Technology implemented the Sage CRM system. PCS made this decision when the recession struck and they realized they would need an intuitive system in place to track every sales lead to minimize any lead leakage.

The Sage CRM system was optimized for the PCS frontline team to ensure that they would be able to adopt the system quickly and efficiently. The strength of the Sage partner community provided PCS with the assistance they needed to customize their Sage CRM to take full advantage of the Sage workflow engine and the powerful sales force automation.

Director of Ambit Software, Jenit Ramaiya, discussed the implementation process he underwent with PCS. He said, “We worked closely with the team at PCS Technology to gain a better understanding of their business and how they would want the system to operate. This formed the base on which the whole system was configured and implemented. Also the top management played a vital role in driving the project and this ensured a successful implementation.”

With this win, Sage CRM has once again proven why they are such a popular choice for sales teams.  They offer a flexible system that can be deployed either on-premise or hosted, and the necessary control over each phase of the sales cycle.

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