How sweet it is: Coca Cola and SugarCRM

Coca Cola Enterprises, the largest distributor of Coca-Cola in the world deploys SugarCRM to combine e-commerce, CRM and logistics into one streamlined package.

Coca-Cola Enterprise required a cost-effective software solution that could be customized to fit as part of a larger e-commerce and logistics platform. They needed a CRM solution to give sales managers and distributors greater visibility into sales and distribution channels to identify new opportunities and potential sales.

The main goal was to get a global solution that combined e-commerce, CRM, and logistics into one package that everybody could standardize on. With SugarCRM and Synolia, they were able to accomplish that and more.

Synolia customized and deployed Sugar Professional On-Demand to 40 users in three months for the Coca Cola Enterprise. Coca Cola Enterprise now has an integrated on-demand CRM solution with its e-commerce engine and logistics platform.

With the convenient data accessibility, sales managers and distributors now have real-time access to reports for different markets and customer bases via Sugar Professional’s report engine. Additionally, Sugar Professional has given Coca-Cola the ability to drive and optimize new distribution channels and has lead to increased orders and reorders.

The collaboration was one sweet deal.

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