Salesforce Chatter Goes Mobile, the enterprise cloud computing company, recently announced that Salesforce Chatter will go mobile sometime over the next few months. Salesforce Chatter Mobile will have the same capabilities as the desktop Chatter, which was released this past June.

Salesforce Chatter is a real-time collaboration tool in the cloud. It allows employees to easily send messages to colleagues, whether it is to update them on a project, give insight or to delegate tasks. There are many innovative features of this social collaboration tool, including customizable profiles, status updates, real-time news feeds, document sharing, applications, social networks and much more. Salesforce also ensures that everything uploaded or sent through Chatter in the cloud is completely secure.

Now that Chatter is going mobile, Salesforce Chatter users will be able to give updates even faster. Chatter Mobile will be compatible with many mobile devices, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. With a mobile device, Chatter users will be able to view alerts and messages, post status updates and send messages to others.

The Chatter Mobile interface was designed specifically for mobile devices. It looks different than the desktop version of Salesforce Chatter. There are many customization options, as well, for the mobile application. Sean Whiteley, the vice president of products and marketing at Chatter, said, “You can configure who or what information you want to follow any way you please. Items on your dashboard, opportunities– all of these objects have a feed.”

Mobile CRM applications have been bustling lately due to high demand. Nucleus Research Vice President, Rebecca Wettemann, said, “We have seen that more ourselves—as mobile devices and the accompanying CRM apps become easier to use, people prefer them.” Mobile applications are very useful for business environments because it is an easy and fast way to stay connected. Accordingly, Salesforce Chatter Mobile is sure to be a great success.

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