Social Business Software Expands, Starting with Microsoft SharePoint

Today Jive Software, a producer of what it terms “Social Business Software,” launched an integration with Microsoft SharePoint—the first in a series, called Jive Connects, that it hopes will liberate content in server suites.

After integration, Jive and SharePoint users will have a unified stream of content within both systems, and can also create content in one system and have access to it in the other. Jive users will also be able to search and link to SharePoint repositories and content from wherever it is they are working in Jive, from discussion threads to blogs.

Jive isn’t the first social enterprise provider to integrate with SharePoint, and it is certainly a smart move to join with the Microsoft product to enrich the Jive experience. Still, Jive’s SharePoint Connector is part of a bigger scheme, Jive Connects: a series of modules that’ll enable organizations to surface content activities from almost any CMS inside Jive, and is intended to bridge several gaps.

First, Jive wants to allow for a CMS solution that provides forums for content within the platform—normally conversation regarding content slips to “off-the-grid” emails, and having the feedback easily accessible will preclude the need for switching between applications. Adding a social aspect to enterprise is a wise move in general, but Jive wants to incorporate social networking features for searches, pointing out that social media is quickly changing the way people look for and expect to find information. Jive also recently launched a social media tracker to its platform, so it will be interesting to see what they’ll be doing in the coming year.

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