Reviews is the world’s number one sales application. Boasting 3 million customers, it truly is in a class by itself in the cloud computing CRM software world. It is nearly impossible to compare CRM software without checking out reviews. It is not the biggest because it is overpriced or under-performing. With a plethora of features that are hard to compete with, you must analyze reviews when conducting CRM software reviews. Reviews: Customization

The first part of this CRM software review is to take a look at’s delivery model. is renowned for being the giant in cloud computing software. The platform is highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to create a CRM solution that meets your needs and not the other way around. With the volume of add ons available in the AppExchange and the recent acquisitions of Radian6 and Heroku the possibilities are practically endless. You can purchase add ons to create Sales leader boards for ,or even add project management or GeoTracking. Reviews: Sales in the Cloud

The Sales cloud is probably the most complete solution in the solution. In all of the reviews that you read, they’ll indicate that sales force automation capabilities are’s core CRM strength. The Salesforce CRM enables you to easily set up accounts and contacts with all the information they could possibly need. It also allows you to keep up with your opportunities and quotes to make sure those sales are not lost or delayed longer than they need to be. Finally, the new Jigsaw data services make the contact info much easier to use, and keeps it cleaner than ever before. Reviews: Service in the Cloud does more than just help your sales team. It also can let you set up a productive and efficient call center. Again, this is all in the cloud, so the online CRM software works without the need for downloads or server space. It also has a place where your customer community can submit answers and best practice ideas to help your other customers. also integrates with places like Twitter and Facebook as well to help keep you in the front of mind of customers. Finally, reviews stand out in any set of CRM software reviews with its available customer portal to allow customer self-service, and then the option to contact a live agent via chat if they cannot find what they need. Reviews: Collaboration in the Cloud

Throughout every section of the cloud, there is a new collaboration feature within called Salesforce Chatter. With consistently improving features, it is becoming more than just a simple extra piece to ignore, but a piece that can help you work more efficiently and effectively. With Chatter, you can converse with people in your group, or on the other side of the world. With larger companies, there are often groups that sign up to work together that you can become a part of if the need arises. Within Chatter you can also share files more easily, get notifications even when you do not do anything related to, and you can get the vast majority of this information sent directly to your mobile device to ensure that you are informed while you are on the go. Reviews: Cons

Although is on the cutting edge of the CRM industry they do have their faults that can drive some customers away. The first is price. The solution is already fairly expensive at $65/user for the professional version, but that price skyrockets when you include add-ons, customizations, consultants, and training. may be easy to use for most, but for those that are technically un-savvy, it can be a difficult system to understand. With the bevy of features and numerous custom reports the system can seem overwhelming.