Compare CRM

CompareCRM is as utilitarian and evocative a name you can have for a setup that does just that – Compare CRM. It seems like the guys at CompareCRM have hit upon a great idea and are doing a great job selling it to small and mid-sized businesses. You can request comparisons between different CRM softwares, compare vendors, and even try out CRM softwares before you settle on one. In short, its a one-stop shop for those looking to introduce CRM into their business.

You can download whitepapers that offer pointed information on the process of selecting the right CRM for your company. If you communicate  your budget  and CRM requirements to CompareCRM, they find out the best fit for you and also help you to satisfy any doubts and queries that you may have regarding the functionalities that you should go for, the modules that you should begin with and whether you should opt for an on-premise or hosted solution.

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