Zoho ho ho ho!

Network management software producer AdventNet Inc. today announced the release of Zoho CRM, a web-based customer relationship management solution to assist mid-sized businesses in creating an optimal CRM strategy to increase productivity. Zoho CRM provides sales force automation, marketing automation, order management and customer support management.

New features in Zoho CRM includes allowances for tracking ROI of marketing activities; alerts to colleagues and higher ups in the organization; intuitive sales pipeline analysis, competitor analysis, win-loss analysis, sales stage history, and sales forecasting analysis; fully customizable user interface for setting up organization-wide CRM processes; an AJAX-based user interface; integration of sales and procurement processes with the products, price books, purchase orders, vendors, sales quotes, sales orders, and invoices functionality; fully customizable reports and dashboards; workflow management; synchronization of customer-specific contact information and email messages between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho CRM using Outlook Plug-in; tracking customer-specific cases from various sources; and central management of the entire solution related to various products/services at easily accessible locations.

Another customer’s kudos helped AdventNet in its decision. Cobblestones Communications president Jamie Saari-Alvarez stated that he’d personally searched for “an affordable, user-friendly, quality CRM program for my sales reps to access online from several locations.” Saari-Alvarez opined that “Zoho CRM blows its competition out of the water.”

Perhaps this should be the Zoho slogan… Founded in Pleasanton, Calif., in 1996, AdventNet is a software company with a portfolio of web products and services. AdventNet offerings span vertical areas, including ManageEngine.com for network and systems management; SecureCentral.com for security; Zoho.com for collaboration, CRM, and office productivity applications; SQLOne.com for database search and migration; and QEngine.com for test automation tools.

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