Update: CRM Brings Life Sciences CRM to iPad

Update CRM, a CRM solutions provider for the life sciences industry, has announced that they have added iPad compatibility to their latest CRM release update.revolution touch. Update’s new app has been tailor made for the iPad, taking full advantage of its larger screen size and operating platform.

Update’s new iPad CRM streamlines various functions across the pharmaceutical and medical device sales industry, and increases information flow. Update.revolution touch even allows for seamless collaboration between sales representatives and doctors. A representative can deliver an interactive presentation over the iPad and track doctor’s responses.  The iPad CRM app allows for a level of communication that has never been seen in the life sciences industry.  Users can manage and analyze all aspects of their sales pipeline and effectively distribute reports based on that data.

Overall, update.revolution touch presents an exciting opportunity for the pharmaceutical and medical device sales industries. The app is utilizing the iPads groundbreaking technology, and bringing functional, interactive and mobile CRM to the life sciences industry.

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