Sybase to Expand Mobile CRM, And It Could Mean Big Improvements to SAP CRM

Since the purchase of Mobile 365 in 2006, Sybase has been providing effective mobile messaging solutions for B2C marketing and outreach. And only last week they announced they’ll be extending Sybase 36—their mobile messaging platform that includes mobile CRM support.

Sybase has a good mobile CRM portfolio, and customers even include the company everyone hopes will get hip, quick—SAP, which works with Sybase on a co-innovator basis. Sybase also recently added modules for giving customers SMS coupons, loyalty programs, and interactive campaigns.

Sybase’s director of product management, Scott Miller, stated that Sybase 365’s mobile CRM goal is to examine everything they do on the enterprise side and assign it a mobile application—allowing large enterprises to integrate the smaller pieces on a mobile platform. Sybase has reportedly spent the last year building a framework for the new server that links the hosted modules, and these modules include a toolkit and data reporting.

The ultimate objective for 2010 is to make headway on becoming more than a point solution and tie mobile CRM into mobile payments and mobile commerce. This would give Sybase a very complete mobile CRM product in comparison to some on the market, but it is also a very lofty aim.

As we mentioned earlier, SAP CRM would certainly benefit from such an extensive product. They have several Sybase mobile products in beta right now—Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM, and Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite—that have added a purchase incentive for those that might have been questioning the advantage of an SAP investment. Those products are supposed to be generally available soon—reports say during Q1—and we’re curious to hear reviews. It would be interesting to see what Sybase’s mobile CRM expansion—when executed—means for SAP CRM, but until then we should keep our expectations realistic.

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