SMBs Can Now Get StreetSmart Through InfoStreet

InfoStreet Inc has announced the arrival of Version 2 of its web-based CRM application suite, StreetSmart. The offering is aimed at SMBs and is significantly cheaper than competing products, it costs around $10/user and allows your business to track leads, gain customers, and manage your business as it grows.

InfoStreet has pitched its CRM as being extremely sturdy and affordable.

The StreetSmart CRM has the following salient features –

  •  Easy access via the web that empowers the field staff
  • Ease of customization so that your CRM requirements are met
  •  Email-based notification to designated personnel regarding information updates
  •  Tracking of business opportunities
  •  Easy import of current data

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  1. Phillip Charles says:

    It’s about time that someone created a CRM tool that us small to mid-sized guys can afford! I hear SalesForce is decent but who can afford the $150 per user per month price point! I’ll definitely check out StreetSmart’s offering since it is only $10/user per month. Thanks for the piece!

  2. Nicolas Cary says:

    Another excellent alternative for SMB’s is PipelineDeals CRM. Their simple sales tool is extremely well designed and they are much more affordable than Salesforce. I would highly recommend checking them out if you are interested in getting organized around your leads or sales prospects quickly.


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