Gartner Guidelines For CRM Success

Gartner has issued some sage advice for CIOs who wish to target, attract, and retain new customers. It is the outcome of a worldwide survey of 1,500 CIOs by Gartner. The research firm has outlined seven initiatives that organizations should focus on to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

The suggestions stress those aspects that are actionable without losing sight of the broader business objectives. The suggestions include – 

  1. Acting on customer feedback.
  2. Design processes keeping customer experience in mind instead of working on operational efficiencies as the prime objective.
  3. Keep a single window for interactions with the customer at every channel to ensure that there is no mismatch of information provided.
  4. Work hard at being more open and approachable which may imply working extra hours and explore channels for greater interaction with the customer.
  5. Try to offer personalized service and products but do consider the costs involved.
  6. Recruit the right type of people and train them properly; their conduct is a powerful influencer of customer opinion.
  7. Work on the entire customer experience, it should be systematic, events should not happen accidentally.

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