Scherrer’s got a Gunn

GunnAllen Financial representatives today announced the selection of web-server hosted relationship management technology Web AllyTM eRM from Scherrer Resources, Inc. GunnAllen Financial selected the Web Ally eRM system in the hopes of supporting business goals involving more close collaboration between team members while geographically apart.

Features requested by GunnAllen to meet the need include interview tracking, profiling, note taking, action tracking and milestones for broker/dealer investment advisory recruiting. The technical design includes hosting a web-based solution to enable 24/7 access from all business locations with Scherrer acting as application service provider.

GunnAllen Financial is a brokerage offering financial services including equity and fixed income securities; mutual funds; fee-based programs; and institutional and investment banking services. GunnAllen Financial operates a network of approximately 900 registered representatives in 250 offices in the United States, and is registered to conduct securities business in all fifty states.

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