Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story: Jones Lang LaSalle

Jones Lang LaSalle was facing an endless challenge in maintaining consistent business processes and sharing information effectively. The company was supporting more than 30,000 employees and offices in 700 cities throughout the world and lacked a global enterprise model. Jones Lang LaSalle, a real estate giant, needed to unify its approach to customer relationship management (CRM) at the enterprise level.

To accomplish this goal, Jones Lang LaSalle adopted the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. With this platform firmly in place, the company was able to share customer and account information globally, while continuing to offer functionality that was tailored to the unique processes of the many different business units within the company.

Before the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, Jones Lang LaSalle relied on multiple, disconnected systems to try and track leads and manage all customer information. This approach limited the company’s ability to effectively cross-sell products and services and created lost opportunities.

Jones Lang LaSalle was attracted to the ability to customize workflows and business processes within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The company was straining to try and meet the demands of a diverse user base that spanned a variety of languages, cultures and business models. The Microsoft solution offered a straightforward programming model and integration capabilities so that customer data could be seamlessly incorporated into all areas of the operation.

The implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution has enabled Jones Lang LaSalle to support established local processes and workflows. And, the integration between the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and other Microsoft solutions enabled all users to ramp up productivity. Now, with improved customer data, the company is seeing more deals go to different regions, identifies more opportunities and increases the speed on closing business deals.

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