CRM Drives Market Share is sitting at a much higher share price than its low of $28 in early 2009. Shares have hit a high of $150 recently, but is this cloud-based solutions provider worth the price? With a primary focus on customer relationship management (CRM), is exactly where it needs to be to continue to enjoy tremendous market success.

There are two reasons why does so well in the market and is enjoying such a strong market value: CRM and cloud computing. As a pioneer in the cloud computing space, and a company continuously innovating CRM solutions and extending valuable partnerships through its AppExchange platform, is a leading player that can command a specific share of the market.

For its part, has increased its CRM software market share from about 7 percent in 2006 to nearly 13 percent in 2009. This increase never waned and the company could easily claim 25 percent of the market by the end of the fourth quarter. There has been a tremendous shift from on-premise CRM software to on-demand CRM solutions, of which continues to be the provider of choice.

Industry experts anticipate that the CRM software market will continue to shift toward the Software as a Service platform, yet won’t automatically be able to claim all of this business. Intense competition is expected from players like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft who have all increased their cloud-based CRM presence. has also been branching out past CRM in recent years, recognizing the long-term opportunity that exists in the broader cloud computing market. With its development platform and infrastructure for corporate IT departments and independent developers to build out business applications, is taking its expertise beyond the realm of CRM. If the company can continue to drive this success, its $150 market price per share will be well earned.

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  1. Salesforce is doing a great job as most recognizable CRM software package, however there are a lot of upcoming CRM software systems that might even have better functionalities and are more user-friendly.

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