LexisNexis Intros InterAction 6.0 CRM for Microsoft Outlook

Content-enabled workflow solutions provider, LexisNexis has introduced the InterAction 6.0 CRM solution with enhanced Microsoft Outlook integration. InterAction is a customer relationship management (CRM) application designed specifically for professional services and used directly within Microsoft Outlook.

According to LexisNexis, the integration with Microsoft Outlook enables users to view, access and leverage firm-wide CRM data all from within the individual Outlook application. With this integration, it is easier for lawyers and other professional services firms to build stronger client relationships and drive more effective business development efforts.

One InterAction customer, Blank Rome, LLP, has 1,150 users on this platform utilizing CRM capabilities to drive marketing, business development and more. Blank Rome is always pushing for new, improved functionality that will keep adoption high while also simplifying usability, according to Brad Miller, director of marketing technology, Blank Rome.

The firm was excited to receive an invitation to preview InterAction 6.0 and provide feedback to LexisNexis on the needs of the firm in advance of the CRM release. As highlighted by Miller, this fits Blank Rome’s definition of a technology partner. Now, Blank Rome is anxious to upgrade and enjoy the benefits firm-wide of a simplified InterAction CRM interface within Microsoft Outlook.

Brad Sidwell, vice president and general manager, LexisNexis, noted that InterAction 6.0 is the result of exhaustive customer research and feedback that indicated there was a need in the market for a CRM system that is easier to use and does not interrupt the normal workflow of executives.

The latest release of InterAction meets these needs by delivering the tools and benefits directly to a much-used desktop application that professionals are already familiar with, ensuring rapid acceptance and adoption of the solution.

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