Rackspace Insists The “All Enterprise Cloud” Is Upon Us

In a move reminiscent of Salesforce.com’s initial marketing campaign, hosting service Rackspace launched NoMoreServers.com, a site dedicated to Computing-as-a-Service models. In 1999, Salesforce.com commenced with the “No Software” slogan that promoted Marc Benioff’s cloud-based CRM offering, and today NoMoreServers.com embraces the rise of the All Cloud Enterprise (ACE).

The site considers itself a rally cry of “the new computing era,” positioned at the center of this shift within business IT. They encourage enterprises to empower themselves by learning, keeping current, and debating the trend. NoMoreServers will be edited by hosting expert and recent Rackspace addition Andy Schroepfer, and will feature articles and daily commentary about hosting, cloud computing, and key vendors like Amazon, Google, and Salesforce, as well as a forum for discussions.

Rackspace is based in San Antonio, Tex., and provides hosting for about 70,000 businesses, and more than 51,000 of those are cloud computing businesses. And they are pretty intent on propelling enterprise into modernity, recently partnering with blogger Robert Scoble to launch Building 43, which encourages businesses to use modern technology and social media for increased productivity.

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