Playing a new game with Doublestein

I didn’t even know such a position existed…i’ve wasted my life…i may be on the verge of a midlife crisis and it’s all Walt Doublestein’s fault. Doublestein has been named to the position of “vp of videogame integration” for New York City- and Los Angeles-based Channel M.

For the previous nine years, Doublestein had been employed at BBDO Detroit, where his last position was as director of video gaming and non-traditional marketing. Projects to his credit include NASCAR ’06 Total Team Control, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, The Movies and Tomb Raider: Legend.

While at BBDO Detroit, one of Doublestein’s pet projects was the launch of DaimlerChrysler customer relationship management activities on a global level, starting with the international launch of the PT Cruiser. Doublestein moved on to the role of director of operations in Mexico, overseeing all CRM activities for DaimlerChrysler in Mexico.

He was then upped to vp account director, international advertising. In addition to DaimlerChrysler, he has worked with such diverse clients as Microsoft, Activision, Yahoo, Eidos, Organic, PHD, Ubisoft and, of course, the mighty EA Sports. Channel M is reportedly the largest non-traditional media company in the world and a leading provider of retail marketing services. Among Channel M advertising clients are included VH1, Sony Pictures, Disney, Jim Beam, Atari, Dodge and Discovery Channel.

Channel M’s targeted portfolio of venues includes amusement parks, GameStop, sports bars, video arcades, My Gym, and Minor League Baseball. Channel M specializes in developing strategic promotions for brands and retailers that tie in to major films, DVD releases and concerts. Channel M’s production team claim to fame is their revolutionization of in-store television programming by creating hosted entertainment-driven content.

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