Really Simple for CommNet

CommNet, a European business network for small- and mid-sized enterprises, has announced the appointment of Really Simple Systems as strategic partner to offer an outsourced, web-hosted customer relationship management service to 2.3 million CommNet members.

This new option promises quick and effective sales and marketing support to members, Aimed specifically at the SME market, the Really Simple CRM system stresses function over complex design. One touted key advantage is that it partnering with Google calendar, so that scheduled tasks are immediately added to extant diaries. The hosted CRM solution is claims speed as a major selling point, with company studies showing an average page delivery speed of 0.4 seconds, compared to the industry average of 1.3 seconds. Costing is £35 per user per month.

CommNet is currently partnered with lead generation company Phone Intelligence and telephone answering service Verbatim. CommNet will be introducing a range of improved support services for small- to mid-sized enterprises in the next six months, including a tendering system based on reverse bidding, business clinics and interest groups.

CommNet is an online marketing platform and business directory representing a membership organisation and offline network called Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft, which boasts 56,000 members. BVMW is the German Association of SMEs. BVMW president Mario Ohoven also chairs the European organization Confédération Européene des Associations de Petites et Moyenne Entreprises. BVMW has recently established branches in the UK, China, South Africa, Japan, Brazil and Turkey.

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