Organize Sales Leads with WordPress

Organizing sales leads just got easier with the new plugin from Salesforce. Websites that accept Salesforce leads usually run on WordPress. The process used to consist of checking your email and then copy-and-pasting the information back into the Salesforce system. With the new Salesforce for WordPress plugin, data will automatically be added into your Salesforce account. No emails required. Besides, copy and paste is so passé.

The plugin will alleviate the pain of manual entry while optimizing productivity. To get started, place a sign-up form on any WordPress post or page and Salesforce will do the rest. Downloading the plugin might be the most demanding part of the whole process.

Salesfoce created this helpful video to explain:

Salesforce WordPress Plugin

The WordPress-to-Leads plugin is the first “Consumerprise” play for Salesforce. Consumerprise is the word used to describe converging market requirements from two historically separate market segments. This is one of many steps Salesfoce is taking to simplify web engagement and make Salesforce “as easy as Wikipedia to source data, as easy as iTunes to buy data and as easy as Facebook to stay updated as the data changes,” as Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce said.

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  1. mutuelle says:

    hello, je le trouve super cette article.deja ca avance pas mal au niveau des technologies.A+

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