Attensity & Biz360 ‘Open up the Enterprise’ with Social Media

The benefits of using social media to enhance CRM are tremendous. Social CRM is finally gaining relevance as an effective business strategy. Companies worldwide are realizing that customer loyalty starts with implementing effective customer-centric business strategies.

Following suit, Attensity Group has acquired the social media solutions vendor Biz360, in an effort to optimize their Social CRM.  Attensity Group is a semantic web analysis company that generates value from unstructured data. The acquisition will put Attensity in dominant position in the Social CRM market and creates the opportunity to “open their enterprise”.

By implementing social media tools, Attensity can gain a competitive edge by providing the best possible customer support. Social CRM won’t replace traditional CRM processes, but it will enhance the efficiency of the CRM platform. The enhanced platform will allow Attensity to actively engage in conversation with their customers, monitor analytics and take action on insights observed through social media outlets. Biz360’s technology will give Attensity the tools they need to “gather, analyze and deliver social and traditional media securely to the enterprise, supporting new capabilities in Voice of the Customer analytics, customer service and research processes,” says Attensity CEO Ian Bonner.

Promoting an ‘open enterprise’ is a smart business strategy because it enhances customer intimacy and transparency. Social media tools enable companies to respond to and engage in conversations with customers.  Attensity is optimizing their success by combining their insights with customer insights that are made available through social media forums.

Combining Biz360’s products and Attensity’s suite of applications creates complementary and synergistic technologies, strong market presence and enhanced customer service.  “The combination of our social media and market intelligence expertise with Attensity’s semantic analysis applications creates an unparalleled value proposition. Together, our product lines are making next-generation Social CRM a reality, removing the technical, process and scalability gaps between companies and their customers,” said Brad Brodigan, CEO of Biz360. With the acquisition, Attensity hopes to achieve a 360-degree view of their customers and change the way companies interact with the customers.

The acquisition hasn’t officially closed yet, but we anticipate exciting new developments in Social CRM practices. Together, the companies can work to unleash the promise of social customers everywhere.

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