Open Source CRM Gains Traction

Open Solutions Alliance (OSA), a self-styled “vendor-neutral consortium”, is based in San Francisco and its avowed mission is to generate awareness about and further the cause of interoperability between open products and their adoption. According to the findings of its 2007 Customer Forum Series, the key concern for customers and channel partners who are placing their faith in open source is interoperability between open source products.

The consortium intends to “out-Microsoft Microsoft” by strengthening collaboration between its member customers and channel partners and help them overcome interoperability issues.
Open Source CRM and ERP applications are increasing in popularity and so are applications such as the application server Jboss, the commercial databases MySQL and Postgres, and the Eclipse development platform.

OSA also announced an interoperability prototype called Common Customer View (CCV), probably the first of its kind, which ambitiously aims to integrate diverse front-office, back-office and planning applications so that company employees can view a well-rounded image of the customer and base their selling and marketing plans on it. CCV was built and tested with products from companies such as Adaptive Planning, Centric CRM, JasperSoft, Openbravo, Talend and Unisys.

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