Mobile CRM Still To Pick Up Speed

Efforts by companies to get their staff used to mobile CRM are running into an unexpected problem. Company people are not comfortable with the idea of using their mobile devices for complex business applications; they are happy using it to check emails and run not-so-sophisticated programs. Sales people apparently do not want to turn their mobile devices into handheld versions of their PCs.

Add to that the fact that the mobile CRM market is constrained by small screen sizes and limited storage and memory plus weak computation power and you being to get an idea about why mobile CRM still has not been able to take off.

“A lot of business applications that are done in house have to do with analytics,” notes Saswato Das, a spokesman for SAP’s business applications unit. “If you want to run something fairly sophisticated that requires a lot of memory, that requires a lot of computing power, a handheld today is not the best place to do it.”


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