VMware in bed with SalesForce.com

VMforce, the love-child of VMware and SalesForce.com, was unveiled today. Both VMware and SalesForce are leaders in their respective cloud computing sectors. VMware is known for their virtualization, while Salesforce for their software-as-a-service (SaaS). The convergence of the cloud computing software vendors will provide an integrated cloud platform with appeal to Java programmers. Java Applications can now be built and distributed in the cloud, which should eliminate deployment issues.

Pre-Salesforce partnership, VMware acquired SpringSource, a Java Application Infrastructure and Management Provider. VMforce enables Java experts to build applications on Salesforce.com’s infrastructure and link applications to Salesforce’s database and services. “Java has emerged as the leading enterprise language of choice,” Jerry Chen from VMware explains.

VMforce is significant because it gives Java developers the ability to build apps in the cloud, an option that was previously limited. With VMforce, cloud-based applications can reach the 6 million Java developers in their community. With Salesforce, developers can use the cloud-based platform to run and operate Java business applications.

The integration of Salesforce and VMware illustrates the importance of cloud services and how the competition to supply cloud services is heating up. Microsoft is also in the process of tapping into the cloud service market with Azure.

Cloud services are not only gaining in popularity, but in capability as well. VMforce is a genius creation because it allows Java developers to produce applications “that are pre-connected to the Force.com database services, search, and analytics. They will be running on the Force.com platform with all its security provisions as trusted applications,” explains Ariel Kelman from Salesforce.com.  Blog CRM is excited to see what exciting new applications will drive the success of VMware as an organization. Stay tuned!

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