CRMG Selects Blink Logic

I would classify this collaboration as one of the rarer ones; maybe it’s a sign of times to come. One SaaS provider selects provider’s SaaS software and sells the packaged goods as a service to customers. This is exactly what has happened with Blink Logic, whose on-demand BI product has been picked up by CRMG. CRMG is a CRM vendor for SMBs and specializes in reporting and analytics tools.

With Blink Logic software in its arsenal, a company can conjure information out of data; generate reports when they want to, and take decisions quickly. The CRMG tools integrate smoothly and fast with the enterprise workflow and allow the company to move ahead without having to spend a lot of time in selecting, implementing, and adapting to software. CRMG implements the CRM in a phased manner such that the success of one phase depends on the success of the previous one.

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