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CRM online in 2008

Its almost halfway into 2008, so what have you done till now to get your business online? How involved is your IT department in getting you in touch with your real customers who prefer to purchase online? Kim Nash discusses three ideas that can make a big difference to your online CRM initiatives in 2008.

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May The DataForce Be With You

DataForceCRM, a provider of online sales tools is offering its online sales software and CRM product for free to all those who register at their site. The software is open source with no user fees attached. The software will be hosted on a dedicated server for each company; fees include hosting and training fees. Features […]


SMBs Can Now Get StreetSmart Through InfoStreet

InfoStreet Inc has announced the arrival of Version 2 of its web-based CRM application suite, StreetSmart. The offering is aimed at SMBs and is significantly cheaper than competing products, it costs around $10/user and allows your business to track leads, gain customers, and manage your business as it grows. InfoStreet has pitched its CRM as […]

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More To TomTom About SaaS

Satellite navigation device firm TomTom has moved from an on-premise to an on-demand delivery model for its CRM. For TomTom, CRM is a mission critical system and the company has put full faith in its SaaS CRM from RightNow’s London-based data center. TomTom feels that the SaaS model will allow it to focus more on […]

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SaaS Aids Enterprise BI

SaaS is fast moving from being an SMB-specific service into the mainstream enterprise market. Cost is no longer the driving force that propels SaaS; it is now a legitimate solution for business issues. Welch’s, a manufacturer of jellies and juices, has opted for a SaaS-based BI offering for managing its transportation logistics. The company is […]

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Sage Too Likes Web 2.0

It’s like an inexorable march of conquest for Web 2.0, with another CRM vendor acknowledging its role in helping businesses connect with customers and potentials. The new range of CRM products from Sage available on-demand and on-premise will provide users with option of collecting data from online resources. Sage views the incorporation of Web 2.0 […]


Succeed With Your Mobile CRM

As with most things in life, you succeed with mobile CRM when you keep it simple and do not fall into the trap of overt complexity. Mobile CRM helps companies achieve ROI on their CRM investments faster as it improves the efficiency of the field staff and frees more people to be on the field. […]


NetBooks Levels The Playing Field Some More

NetBooks is taking complete management accounting to the small businesspersons. SMBs have traditionally found it difficult to unify all their databases and different elements of their business management such as CRM, sales order workflow, production, inventory management, outbound marketing, and, bookkeeping do not usually have the same data. For a price of $200/month, NetBooks offers […]

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NetSuite Unleashes The BOS

In what could be a great move from the perspective of developers as well as channel partners, NetSuite has announced the release of NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS), which is an open source development platform. NS-BOS will allow ISVs and VARs to create solutions targeted at specific verticals. NS BOS includes core application capabilities, ISVs […]

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OpSource Connect Goes Beyond The Firewall

OpSource Connect is a new SaaS solution released by OpSource, which is a Santa Clara, Calif.-based provider of infrastructure and application services. The service will enable companies to access web applications that are spread over multiple platforms. OpSource Connect makes it possible for SaaS services such as those offered by and NetSuite to connect […]