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Reflections on auto retail

“Few industries,” opine the PR folks at Salt Lake City-based Arkona, Inc., “suffer more from the lack of integrated document management systems than the automotive retail market, as evidenced by the daily document shuffle that occurs inside a dealership.” To this end, Arkona announced the release of its Arkona Reflections, a digital imaging and document […]

AutoSurvey, Inc. reborn as…

AutoSurvey, a provider of customer loyalty software, is undergoing a name change. From this point forward, AutoSurvey, Inc. will be registered under an unpronounceable glyph. Future press material may contain references to “The Company Formerly Known as AutoSurvey, Inc.” Ah, would that it were so. As it turns out, AutoSurvey, Inc. will now be called […]

Next comes “Jumps for Chumps”

iCentera, a provider of on-demand CRM portals for sales, partner and customer communications, today announced the release of iCentera 4.1. iCentera’s amazingly named “Portals for Mortals” seek to enable the creation of customized and branded portals for any internal or external audience “in minutes.” Customization of iCentera portals with a variety of internet applications such […]

Bundling CRM and conservation, a provider of on-demand customer relationship management products and services, today announced planes to team up with The Mule Deer Foundation in hopes of increasing the exposure of both organizations. Under terms of the agreement, MDF will help with a marketing campaign targeting small business owners seeking for enhanced CRM technologies, while […]

CRM: Money can be made in the biz, but be careful

A Tier1 Research report entitled “SaaS Report Series: Perspectives on CRM” concludes that the market for on-demand CRM software is “booming and creating plenty of room for growth for the established players in this space.” Meanwhile, new entrants scratching for position in the on-demand software-as-a-service CRM business today face several barriers to entry, including classic […]

Kintera’s new Sphere

Kintera, Inc. today announced the expansion of its social constituent relationship management (a.k.a. CRM) platform to incorporate online fund accounting within Kintera Sphere. Kintera claims Sphere Fundware is the first software as a service fund accounting program tailored for nonprofits, and promises enhanced social accountability and transparency. Kintera Sphere Fundware seeks to enable nonprofits and […]

From alpha to Xeequa

Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup Xeequa Corp. today announced new “Web 2.0 software applications for business people.” Okay, then. The small company touts its product as different web-based software: While traditional software, whether installed on-premise or delivered as a service, say the Xeequans, is purchased and owned by one company for their employees, Xeequa is designed […]

Sanger a speaker for Kintera

CRM vendor Kintera Inc has announced that Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger will be the keynote speaker at the annual Kintera User Conference 2007. Sanger intends to discuss the opportunities for nonprofits to use Web 2.0 in developing collaborative communities, fundraising and constituent engagement efforts. According to the fine folks over at TMCNet, it’s all part […]

Smoothing the ProTrak

ProTrak International has announced the release of ProTrak Advantage CRM 4.5. ProTrak’s web-based CRM solution is a specialty product for investment managers, funds-of-hedge funds, hedge funds and private equity firms. Company PR promises that “a major emphasis of ProTrak’s development effort is the provision of additional tools that give users more control over their ProTrak […]

Kyliptix – it’s for KiBS!

Kyliptix Solutions Inc., a provider of web-enabled, SaaS-based product, today announced the release of its KiBS CRM Mini. (Kyliptix … wasn’t that a nemesis of Superman?) KiBS CRM Mini provides Contact Management, Lead Tracking, Account Management, Opportunity Management, and Dual Calendars programs. Kyliptix PR sees the company as “poised to become the CRM leader servicing […]