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Some French buy some of Hungary

Paris, France-based contact center management solutions provider Teleperformance announced today the acquisition of seventy percent of the share capital of Photel Inc., a contact center leader on the Hungarian market. Budapest-based Photel generates approximately eighty percent of its revenues from within and twenty percent from without and operates approximately 100 workstations. Photel specializes in developing […]

Entellium jumps in

First InfoStreet, now Entellium. Yes, it’s true. The six-year-old company has taken the plunge, hoping to cut a piece of that US $5.7 billion CRM software market. The Seattle, Wash.-based Entellium unveiled a product that enables access to its software as a desktop application. On the same day, Entellium representatives announced the company will put […]

How to get to InfoStreet

It’s here. Tarzana, Calif.-based InfoStreet Inc. representatives were happy to announce today the release of their newest web-based application: Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management. The CRM application is pushed as a massive addition to the on-demand IT software suite StreetSmart, which became available today as well. Free use of StreetSmart CRM has been […]

The Click clique

On-demand supply chain management solution provider Commerce, Inc. has announced that gateway security firm IronPort has extended its contract for the Click Commerce demand chain management solution. The Click Commerce solution is designed to capture and track leads driven by its partner community, eliminate conflict using deal registration, and deliver this information into IronPort’s customer […]

RightNow in the navy

Bozeman, Mont.-based RightNow today announced that Navy Federal, the world’s single largest credit union, has selected RightNow Service. In particular, Navy Federal is deploying RightNow to automate routing and responses for some 35,000 secure email messages received monthly. Navy Federal has reported a dramatic increase in the number of secure emails sent from its password-protected […]

Citrix weaves the webinar

The movers and shakers in the industry – or, if you prefer, “the world’s hottest on-demand business, entertainment and technology influencers” as public relations would have it – gathered for the sneak peek / release of Citrix GoToWebinar from access infrastructure solutions provider Citrix Online. The online events solution Citrix GoToWebinar expands upon the capability […]

Zoho ho ho ho!

Network management software producer AdventNet Inc. today announced the release of Zoho CRM, a web-based customer relationship management solution to assist mid-sized businesses in creating an optimal CRM strategy to increase productivity. Zoho CRM provides sales force automation, marketing automation, order management and customer support management. New features in Zoho CRM includes allowances for tracking […]

eDesktop, eMobile, easily flowing beer

A pair of announcements came out today from Entellium. First came the news that Entellium eDesktop Release is no available; the product is touted as a “significant” update to the extant Entellium web-based CRM suite. eDesktop is described as a “downloadable smart client” which, through is high speed, ideally increases effectiveness and productivity; another nice […]

Le Suite – c’est chic!

On-demand business software suite provider NetSuite, Inc. today announced some new tax engine features and additions for the unique linguistic and tax needs of Quebec. Specifically, NetSuite’s French Canadian version of 11.0 is designed to assist multi-province mid-market companies in tax management and tax filing. Canadian businesses have to deal with a number of complex […]

Webinar announced by Avectra

Avectra, the top provider of web-based association management software solutions and Forrester Research analyst Liz Herbert will host a one-hour Webinar on Thursday, June 8th at 2pm EST entitled “Lessons Learned: Selecting and Implementing Association Management Software.” Herbert is a premier analyst on the Forrester enterprise applications research team and is touted as a leading […]