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Aligning CRM Objectives With Manufacturing Agenda

This is an aspect of CRM that is indeed worth a thought by industry worthies – how to align CRM and manufacturing. CRM focuses on the customers and aims to make the entire process customer-centric whereas most manufacturers belong to the school of thought that extols lean manufacturing where emphasis is placed on productivity and […]

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NetSuite IPO Perks Enterprise Interest In SaaS

The NetSuite IPO struck a big blow on behalf of the SaaS market. It heralds a new beginning for SaaS which has till now largely focused on SMBs. The smashing success of the IPO, which saw the NetSuite stock price go up twice in two days, has not only pleased the investors but also large […]


SaaS Set To Grow In Asia

Software-as-a-service is set to explode as a means of delivering software to businesses in Asia. This is as per a report by Springboard Research. The SaaS CRM market is estimated to be worth a very impressive $69 million and expected to touch $460 million by the year 2010, this is a CGR of 61%. The […]

NetSuite IPO A Success

NetSuite, the on-demand ERP vendor, has announced that its IPO has garnered it $185.4 million in sale of 6.2 million shares. Each share cost $26 and is a good $13 more than the $13-$16 that NetSuite officials thought the share would sell for. The IPO was launched on December 10. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and […]

Maximizer Launches CRM Express Services

Maximizer, which bills itself as the leading provider of simple and accessible CRM solutions, launched CRM Express Services. The services suite is a response from the company to what it terms “overwhelming market demand”. The CRM Express Services Suite aims to help SMBs achieve better ROI on their investments and benefit from enhancements in business […]

Infusion Picks Up An Award

Infusion software has announced that its product Infusion CRM has been named “Best SaaS Small Business CRM Solution” by The Company also received the “Jim Cecil Award for Excellence in Drip Marketing.” Getting a commendation in the already crowded SaaS CRM market is a no mean feat. Infusion CRM won the jury over with […]


Agresso enters the CRM domain

Another entrant into the CRM space. Agresso has been around for more than twenty years peddling its ERP wares to the mid-market services sector and it has decided that the time is ripe now for adding CRM capabilities to its product portfolio. As befits its name Agresso has launched the product aggressively at a global […]

The week in Infor

Big numbers first, then: Infor was most pleased to announce IBM’s benchmarking the performance of Infor CRM Epiphany at beyond 10,000 concurrent users in a real world test. IBM’s scalability metrics benchmark tested Infor CRM Epiphany Sales and Service on their WebSphere application server and exceeded 10,000 concurrent users without any failures in a six-hour […]

NetSuite for 2007

NetSuite, Inc., that large on-demand vendor of integrated business management application suites for small- and medium-sized businesses, went revamping this week with the launch of NetSuite 2007.0. The new NetSuite is touted for “a myriad of new features that make automating complex operations and processes simpler for growing and mid-sized businesses.” The foci, say the […]

New Creative-ity

Creative Manager, Inc. this week released version 8.4.3 of its flagship product Creative Manager Pro. Creative Manager Pro promises 52 enhancements to the program in the areas of accounting, project management, media, and reporting. All updates are at no cost to Creative Project Manager and Creative Manager Pro users. Creative Manager Pro is web-based integrated […]