CRM Software Comparison: Sage SalesLogix vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Most companies have caught on to the fact that customer resource management (CRM) software is not simply a luxury anymore. Understanding who your customers are, what their spending habits are like, when they will be buying next, what they will be buying next, and what makes them want to buy from you again and again is vital to keeping your company efficient and prepared for what lies ahead. However, before you decide to make a CRM software purchase, it is always wise to do a CRM software comparison. Two of the most recognized options in CRM software are SalesLogix and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They both have many features that could help you understand your customers better.

CRM Software Comparison: Sage SalesLogix

SalesLogix CRM is one of the most popular CRM software solutions out there. No CRM Software Comparison is complete without looking into this strong product  by Sage. It has a host of features that can assist you. At the front end, your sales pipeline is easily seen with real-time reporting and dashboards that give you insight into what is happening. With these, you can manage your key opportunities and track the likelihood of getting to the close sooner rather than later. You can break these opportunities out by representative or by region or however you need to do so to get the information you need. This helps with your forecasting and helps keep you focused on your most likely and most important leads.

Another key feature is that SalesLogix can automatically use common strategies like Miller Heiman to help your representatives work an opportunity. Sales force automation also tells your people when they need to make the call or email or have a meeting with a client.

Finally, SalesLogix can streamline customer interactions including sales quotes and orders, and keeps all the information in one place, and has the information accessible to almost any smart phone. All of these are just the sales features, and does not really get into the marketing or customer service benefits of SalesLogix, of which there are many. It is an award winning software for good reason, it’s extremely powerful.

CRM Software Comparison: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has one obvious benefit that nobody else can claim, it is made by Microsoft, so you can be 100% sure that it integrates with many of the Microsoft programs like Office and Outlook that you are probably already using. Microsoft is relatively new to the CRM game when compared to some of their competitors. However, as usual, when they make something, they go all out, and with several years under its belt, Microsoft is not just a good name anymore, it is truly a strong CRM software option and must be included in any CRM software comparison.

In fact, many companies are adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the “must see” list when doing a CRM software comparison. It helps your people follow CRM implementation best practices. From the planning stages, it can help you make sure your territories are equitably balanced, and can help your people create special price lists to help your people get started. It automates your lead capture system and can automatically connect the communications with the correct leads and opportunities. The opportunities are tracked easier and with real-time reporting, you always know what is in the pipeline. All of this information is also available on your smart phone, and it helps much more than just your sales team. There are benefits to your customer service teams and production teams as well. Microsoft truly has done an excellent job with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and will likely meet any need you have with this type of software.